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Thoughts on Angus Jones’ Recent Comments

Recently, Jones denigrated his own sitcom, calling it “filth.”  He recommended that viewers not watch it.

I’ve never seen the show from start to finish–just clips here and there.  I was unaware of who Angus Jones was until this controversy.

My reactions:  I wouldn’t be surprised if Two and a Half Men did contain a lot of questionable content.  As a Christian, I find that my values are not in alignment with quite a bit of what’s on T.V., in the movies, or even being sung on the airwaves.  That’s one reason I’ve gravitated toward contemporary Christian music on the radio–particularly KLOVE.

(I’m just not much of a T.V. person and doubt that would change, even if the values of the shows shifted toward those more parallel with Christian values.)

But, in spite of my agreeing with Jones on much of the content in the media surrounding us, I have to disagree with him on what he did.

If he discovered halfway through the season that his values weren’t simpatico with the values on Two and a Half Men, he could have gone about satisfying the dictates of his conscience in a way which (doubtlessly) didn’t alienate his fellow co-workers.

Because despite the fact that Angus now has his testimony on YouTube, it’s much more likely that the people most affected by his Christian faith would be those around him.  Those who’ve worked with him, for example.

I’m wondering how the director and producer of Two and a Half Men feel about his comments.  I wonder how his fellow actors feel.  And how about the rest of the crew–people who have put countless hours behind a camera lens or nailing together sets?

I’d think that they’d feel betrayed.

But–you stutter–not denouncing filth is wrong!  It means he’s compromised.

But I’m not against him taking steps to right the wrongs of the show.  Again, I haven’t seen the show, so I don’t know how bad it might be.  But I would think that if he expressed his feelings to those in charge that something could be done.  Perhaps his own character could take on a different role–one that served to highlight the problems inherent in the drugs/sex/rock and roll lifestyle that Hollywood so often glamorizes.

And if not, yes, he could have quit.

But he didn’t have to denigrate the show in the way he did.

After the dust had settled, after a year or two, then he might have explained–dispassionately–how his own conscience was not in alignment with the shows values.  And if he had done that those working on the show–even those in the upper hierarchy–might have listened more to what he was saying.

Jones seems to have a lot of energy and passion for his faith.  He’s a young guy, and, clearly, he feels that he needs to give back to the world.  He feels that his faith should be making a difference.

These are extremely common feelings for people on the verge or threshold of adulthood.  And that can lead to good things, but it can also lead to spastic things.

I hope that Jones’ faith continues to grow as he continues to mature, and I hope that he realizes that though Christians aren’t of the world, we are supposed to be in it.  And that means, sometimes, finding ourselves involved in ambiguous situations in which it’s better to wade through, however mucky, as opposed to denounce.


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